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  • Solution to exterminate germs cleans and disinfects livestock equipment
  • MEDISEP is a non corrosive disinfectant, so it is safe to be used in disinfecting poultry house and can be mixed into drinking water with recommended dosage.
  • MEDISEP has a fresh fragrance and is colorless, so it does not stain anything in contact.


Cetyl pyridium Cl + Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide + Benzalkonium Cl


Application Rate: 

Disinfects house (spray), drinker and feeder, Incubators (prevents CRD and pullorum) – 15 mL per 10 liters of water 


Disinfects boots/sandals and cars entering farm areas – 15 mL per 10 liters of water 


Prevents disease transmission via drinking water  (during outbreak) – 3 mL per 10 liters of water 


To dip equipment after vaccination, e.g. :Syringe, needle, pipette, drinker, etc. – 8 mL per 1 liter of water 


Applies on pox scabs or scars – 6 mL per 1 liter of water 


Disinfect hand and surgery site or deep wound – 2 mL per 1 liter of water. 


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